Brew Day – Lady Liberty Ale

For today’s brew day, I made the Lady Liberty Ale from John Palmer’s How To Brew.

I wanted to do a fairly simple and straightforward extract Pale Ale, so I have something ready to drink in a few weeks, rather than the few months I’ve had to wait for most of my recent high gravity brews. It’s so damn cold today, I didn’t even want to consider sitting on the patio for the hours and hours an all-grain brew would take. It was 46 degrees and windy when I finished, so it was a good choice.

Boiling Wort

We have hot break!

It’s a very simple recipe: 6.6 pounds of light extract plus 8 ounces of C60 steeped.

You split the LME into halves, put the first half in when the boil begins, and then put the second half in at knockout.

Almost there...

Cascade hops are amazing.

The hop schedule is delicious:

.5 ounce Northern Brewer for bittering

.5 ounce Cascade at 30

1 ounce Cascade at 15

I like to use muslin bags for my hops (except for first wort hops) because it cuts down on the trub in an extract brew. When I do all-grain, I use Irish Moss so it’s less of a concern, but for an extract, I like to keep things clean.

The only change I made to John’s recipe was the addition of yeast nutrient at 15. I pitched one vial of WLP001.


I was just going to call this Lady Liberty, but my brewdog, Marlowe, decided to dig a hole in the yard and make a huge mess while I was boiling. I was able to give her a bath and didn’t miss a hop addition or allow a boilover, so I decided this is going to be called Dirty Dog Pale Ale.

Marlowe Wheaton: assistant brewer.

Marlowe Wheaton: assistant brewer and dirty dog.

I also racked the Tripel I made on the day the world ended (Brewpocalypse) to a carboy for about 7 weeks of conditioning. I should have racked it a week or so ago, so it ended up being in primary for 21 days. However, it’s looking like it’ll finish around 9.3%, so … yeah.

I also took the Midnight Beatdown Wheaten Porter I was aging in my Sparks McGee barrel and racked it into a korny keg. It should be ready in about 4 or 5 days after force carbonation.

As I write this, fermentation is really getting going on the Pale Ale. The Original Specific Gravity reading is about 1.060 (it’s tough to get a perfect reading because of the foam on top of the wort), so I think I’ll be looking at a nice 5ish% or so when it’s finished.

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